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Atlas - Feel Me

With only a recent EP and a silky smooth Frank Ocean cover to their name, Atlas is a fairly new face in the music scene. The trio’s ability to make music that evokes a sense of longing comes mainly from the organic chemistry between instrument and voice, and “Feel Me” — the first preview of Atlas’ next EP — continues to emphasize this intriguing fusion of every little musical element that is cautiously placed together by the trio.

Pushed by crunchy snaps, filling bass and delicately tight snare/hi-hat patterns, Harris’ crooning pleas move freely over the tracks’ blooming production. Every subtlety is purely unified into a smooth, single sound that gives “Feel Me” its absorbing ambiance. The track further develops into a leisurely yet beautifully conclusion with bounding bass lines and faint horns. It’s not until the listener is elegantly dropped off with fading synths and textural vocal echoes though, that we really get to see the group shine through.

Once again, Atlas has developed an emotionally potent product that effectively lengthens the group’s (for now) short but solid list of gripping releases.

Jonathan Williams

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