Bit Funk – “The Long Road Ahead”

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Download: Bit Funk - The Long Road Ahead

If Bit Funk“s name is any indicator as to the type of music he makes, the word “Funk” may be the best descriptor there is possible. If you don”t already know what I mean when I say that, I am going to suggest that you revisit our first post of Mr. Funk and his jaw-dropping single, “Rap Music.”

Bit Funk is a straight up craftsman; there”s no way around it. With every small intricacy and beautifully flowing beat that he puts together, you can see the time and effort that Bit Funk puts into each of his singles, and nothing is a greater example of this than his newest single, “The Long Road Ahead.”

In it”s fullest form, “The Long Road Ahead” is a mellowed out disco beat that is entrenched with vocal loops and repetitively punchy beats. Listening to it casino online all the way through, you may find it hard to believe that this groovy beat, which is elongated over multiple loops, isn”t tiresome or drawn-out. Instead, the single begins to take on an enlivening aura of it”s own and soon enough you”ll have the enthralling beat playing it on repeat.

If you”re still skeptical though, make sure to grab yourself a listen to his heavy-hitting dance single, “Rap Music” [here], and back it up with “The Long Road Ahead Below” shortly thereafter. And then tell us you”re not dancing!

Matt Pendrill

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