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Download: Ra Ra Riot - When I Dream

Few bands have seen as much attention within all of 2012, as Ra Ra Riot have within the last couple months alone. After announcing the follow-up to their pop-garnered rock album, The Orchard, Ra Ra Riot have been hot on the heels of every blog around and anticipation is greatly building for their third LP to-date, Beta Love.

Having already premiered the punchy electronically flavoured opening track, “Beta Love,” the group returns with the second single off of their sure to be resplendent new album. Entitled “When I Dream,” the band looks to have laid off of the Passion Pit resemblances that were found in “Beta Love” and gone for more of a relaxing, finger snapping, baroque rock vibe. Smooth beats, gorgeous (almost sultry) vocals, and brief interspersions of violin further our anticipation for Beta Love, because as things look to be shaping up now, I may be buying more then one of these albums just for the hell of it.

Matt Pendrill

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