Eaves – "You (Album Review)"

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Eaves - You

With the helpful recommendation of Victor Ferreira (otherwise known as Sun Glitters), we recently came across the stifling break-beat workings of Los Angeles beatsmith, Eaves. A beatmaker in lowest regard, Eaves is a mysterious young California native with a knack for painting gorgeous landscapes onto the sides of a soundform. His most recent project, You, is a tender taste of this “painting” which spans 6 tracks long.

The first track off of the album, “Lovely,” is just what you would expect from a beatsmith, but maintains a quicker frequency with its air of dense synths and crystalline bells and chimes that render a quite tenuous and uptempo speed. The following track “Mountain” on the other hand takes it much slower and finds a more soothing middle ground that leans into the atmospherics and rush of nature. The same could also be said about the 5th track, “Branches,” which also neatly incorporates a little hip-hop single to spice things up. Where Eaves‘ sampling really shines through is on the final track, “You.”

Flecked full of beats, samples, and a wavering baseline, “You” mesmerizes with a soothing backdrop and staticy recordings. Flourishing atmospherics play throughout a large part of the track and leave a sense of serenity and tranquility, all the while still maintaining the progressiveness of the opening track, “Lovely.”

So, while the snow my have just arrived here in Canada, if Eaves‘ new album has anything to say about it, the snow may be melting a lot faster than we had initially anticipated.

7 out of 10

Matt Pendrill

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