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Indie Current has been avid followers of Swedish indie electronic-rock newcomers, Urban Cone for almost a year now, and we have not taken one moment of listening to the five-piece for granted.

Having taken off with both their EP’s, Our Youth Vol. I & 2, Urban Cone have made steps towards becoming one of the biggest rising stars in Sweden and Europe with their insatiably catchy, dance inspired, rock tracks. After recently teaming up with Lucas Nord, the band grabbed the attention of two of the biggest DJs around — John Dahlback and Dirty South — and it wasn’t long before magic was created. We got a chance to talk with the boys recently about the meaning behind their name, their recent collaboration and their new video for “Black Ocean”.

Indie Current: Is there any meaning behind the name Urban Cone?

Urban Cone: We’re all from the centre of Stockholm, living the “city” life. Plus we all thought it was a cool name, and when Tim our guitarist drew our logo (the pine cone) it felt like the obvious choice.

IC: You guys classify yourselves as “Indie-Electro-Rock” on your Facebook page, but which genre do you guys feel you fall most into?

UC: We actually don’t think about it much. Our music is pretty hard to place. Just compare a song like Black Ocean and Urban Photograph. Creating different types of songs comes natural to us and we have no attempt to stop doing so.

IC: With so many successful artists already from Sweden, do you think this has helped you guys get your name out there, or has it been much more difficult with so many great artists to follow-up?

UC: We haven’t thought of this much. But maybe it has helped us. Our ambitions are so high and we compare ourselves to the really big names out there.

IC: Seeing as that “Urban Photograph” was such a huge success, do you feel it has overshadowed any of your other projects?

UC: No we don’t. Urban Photograph is a great song, but we believe our upcoming songs will be just as well received and succesfull. If not more!

IC: Having recently worked with John Dahlback, Lucas Nord (again) and been remixed by Dirty South do you feel honored to get to work with such influential artists? And do feel that this form of electronic music is the direction you see yourselves going in?

UC: We create music we feel like creating the moment when we’re making it. So it’s very hard to tell. We don’t know actually, but if it’s an interesting collaboration, we’ll see.

UC: And yes we feel very honored. It’s always fun to hear from successful people that they like your work and even better, want to work with you. We listen to a wide range of musical genres, and house music is absolutely one of our favorites.

IC: Is there any reason why you decide to film the video for “Black Ocean” in Vancouver with Sherpas Cinema instead of in Sweden? Or, do you feel the landscape of the area really captures the emotion of the song best?

UC: We came in touch with Sherpas Cinema and they had a great idea about the video, so we decided to go for it. We’ve seen their work with “All I Can” and absolutely love it. They are really talented. And yes of course. The landscape in Canada is beautiful. Kinda like Sweden, but more extreme. We wanted this video to stand out, and we feel like we achieved that goal.

IC: Given that you guys recorded Our Youth Vol. 1 & 2 should we expect to hear a 3rd installment in the near future?

UC: The third installment will be an album released later this year. All we can say about it, is that it will be entitled “Our Youth” and it will contain 4 tracks from the previously released EPs and 6 new ones. And of course, that we are absolutely stoked about releasing it!

Interview Conducted by Matthew Pendrill Great Thanks To Urban Cone For Taking The Time To Respond To All Our Questions

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