When starting off with an empty soundform, many artists would think of nothing less but to make a plain and boring flat plane into a sharply peaked histogram that journeys through smooth bridges, rising bridges and high chorus’. With Odesza however, one would think that the Seattle duo had a whole other train of thought.

Looking at “IPlayYouListen,” you can see that the smooth running single doesn’t bother itself with getting too carried away. Running on space-age style electronics, a shadowy filler and incredibly washy vocal clips, the single has a gooey ambiance that grows quite reminiscent of Slow Magic and Giraffage.

While the single is relatively mellow for the first part of the track, when the 45 second mark comes rolling around, the duo break the backdrop down and paint the track full of colour. This leaves area for a small break of desolate howls and building electronics that quickly come back to fill the air.

While rich with colour and mood, “IPlayYouListen” remains a breathtaking collage of melodies and rhythms, that while smooth, still leaves a lasting impression.

Matt Pendrill

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