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“Could it be Phoenix?! No… wait. Is it?” Well at least that’s most of you will be saying after listening to Universal Republic’s newest shockingly addictive group, The Royal Concept. Air-played already, The Royal Concept, a Swedish body, have grabbed attention and stir over their biscuity sweet single “Gimmie Twice” in blogs and the indie standard of success, Sirius XM’s Alt Nation, while moving forth with their EP in-hand.

What will become no topic of argument, the band plain and simply sound like Phoenix. As lizerkeanu so explicitly puts it on YouTube: “phoenix will sue these guys.” Well, that is if they’re not too infatuated with this band themselves already. And you couldn’t blame them.

Given the band’s electrifying riffs and the most noticeably familiar vocals, there is a very clear similarity between the two that most certainly cannot go un-noticed. However, upon further review of the band’s rightfully blogged about EP, The Royal Concept, you’ll certainly not want to be lead astray.

Presenting themselves with the opening single “Gimmie Twice,” the EP starts-off on a keen and lively footing of the pop-screaming melody: “You go ‘OH!”/s-s-say you come and say it out loud/So they all can hear/I’m the one/I’m the one/ I’m the one/I’m the one for you,” a simply met chorus and all-around joyful ballad. It’s this sort of sound that is an instant ear melter for the border-line pop-rock pursuers that are driving that fine divide.

Much more of the EP progresses in the same direction. In prime example, the same sort of gravely guitar shutters and peckish electronics beat-bops, command the single “Goldrushed.” On the single however, there is a clear deliverance of electronic infusion that appears to be more of an interjection into what was initially perceived to be a electronic guitar and vocally lead enterprise. While we can’t picture it as perfectly in the background of a new innovative product’s commercial, like “Gimmie Twice,” it does have a certain sparkle to be considered a second-level relevant track.

Like “Goldrushed,” there’s much of this EP that fits that very same part quite distinctly. Almost like Walk the Moon, there is a certain specialty about each single that carries that distinctive quality of flow that remains consistent and fresh, but not as powerful to lead over the featured piece “Gimmie Twice” — and that’s where “D-D-Dance” comes in.

When it starts up with a series of shocking guitar strikes and Peter, Bjorn & John-esque drumming patterns, it becomes quite clear that you’re going to be in for a — as the name entitles — dance-filled time.

Need-be that you’re looking for an all-around sugary set-piece, The Royal Concept is a good place to start. And, given it’s filled with five tasty treats, we can’t help but see it becoming quite “commercial” in the coming months. That’s not for us to decide though, so grab a listen down-below and make it a viral sensation!

Matt Pendrill

Founder & CEO | matt@indiecurrent.com View all post →

  • Jenn Aguinaldo

    I would love to see The Royal Concept on tour with Smallpools! They’re both some of my all time favorite bands. Smallpools’ new album just came out & it’s all I’ve been listening to, haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoLPbF1bUDY

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