OK GO – “Needing/Getting”

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Video: OK GO - Needing Getting

I remember when I first came across one of my favorite bands to-date, OK GO. I was browsing through YouTube, getting bored as time passed, when I found the bands’ first original video – “Here We Go Again” (aka OK GO, on treadmills). As time passed the group began creating more and more elaborate music videos and it was only a matter of time before I was soon mesmerized by the magic of OK GO.

Although I could only just get my hands on the group’s latest album, Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, myself. I knew after the first time of listening to, “Needing/Getting,” that it would be a hit!

While the group is all well into their 30’s now, the boys still continue to make great music, remain hansome, and on-top it all, know how to make one helluva’ original video. They’re fun, original, and catchy — all the great recipes for a good time — so what more could I possibly ask for?