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Download: The Jungle Giants - She's a Riot

The Jungle Giants first achieved recognition through the Australian radio station triple j with tunes like, “Mr Polite” and “No One Needs To Know.” After a heavy amount of rotation, the band were able to fling themselves into the limelight, and after many months of refining their sound, the group finally released their endearing EP She’s a Riot and their heaviest single to-date, “You’ve Got Something.”

You’ve Got Something” sees the band go back to the fundamentals of indie-rock. Delicious guitar licks combined with infused vocals and impeccable drumming divulge a more “full” sound. Not as catchy as their previous work, the tune nonetheless remains solid; delivering all you could possibly want from The Jungle Giants.

What really makes this single really standapart from the rest of the EP though, is the official music video which was released just yesterday. Shot entirely in black & white, the video has quite the melancholic feel to it. Along with its backwards looping clips and explosive action sequence, the video provides a dramatic addition to the already sublime single.

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