Wild Cub – "Blacktide"

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Wild Cub - Blacktide

Time and time again, Wild Cub have provided us with their peppy, highly energetic alt-rock. In their debut album, Youth, the group put together a collection of tracks each containing their own sound and style. Admittedly, some were more uplifting than others, but for the most part, everyone carried their own unique flavour. Had you not listened to the album, you might have been surprised by what was laying beneath: unbenounced to us (and many others) was the infusion of electronic, even downtempo stylings on tracks like “The Water” and “Drive.” Now, their latest single “Blacktide” has fallen within the same vein.

Right off the bat, things begin on a high note. Glittering, space-like synths set the tone early on, only to be followed up by a slew of pounding drums and shaking tambourines. In fact, the intro to “Blacktide” highly resembles M83 through all the extravagant layers and textures. As the song progresses, however, the dreamy starlit sensibilities begin to subside and open up, allowing Wild Cub to take charge.

At this point, the group’s lead-vocalist Keegan DeWitt tacks on his frenetic vocals and gives way to an assortment of instrumentals. This hazy cluster of drums, guitars and synths provides the song with an 80s-tinged feel that makes you want to pull out the old cassette player and hit-up the classics. Even though this sound slightly out of the band’s typical musical range, the group have done an excellent job at meeting their target.

Matt Pendrill

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