Wild Cub – “Thunder Clatter (Bit Funk Remix)”

Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter (Bit Funk Remix)
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What's This?

Leave it to Bit Funk to lay down a delicious, dance-friendly remix. Nearly two and half years after releasing their debut single, “Thunder Clatter,” Wild Cub have turned to the dance-house maestro to see what he’s made of—and boy, does he show up to the party!

After polishing off two left-of-field remixes for Christina Perri and Seven Lions, Bit Funk circles back to his indie roots with an appropriately funky remix of Wild Cub’s magnum opus. While the original is far from listless, Funk brings some flare to the table, introducing a groovy 4/4 beat while keeping a few key elements intact—namely, the percussion.

Matt Pendrill

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