Y LUV – "Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix)" & "All Night (Zhu Remix)"

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Y LUV - Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix)

If you have never heard of the 5-piece indie group Y LUV, you have definately been missing out. Based out of Southern California, this up and coming quintet is starting to turn heads of music producers with last year’s EP release of How Chill Can You Let Go.

Gazzo‘s massive remix of Y LUV‘s “Never Touch The Ground” is truly epic from start to finish and is hard to put into words. While most people just hear another dance tune as a faceless sound amongst the rest, this remix carries much more emotion then it is given credit for. As the song begins, I picture myself riding a house music beat escalator, faster beat after faster beat, higher and higher until I reach that breaking point.

Suddenly, I am suspended midair and everything around me is in slow motion. As I float effortlessly, all I can hear is the synthesized beat of my heart and the light and airy vocals of frontman Freddy Janney all around me.  Alternating moments of building anticipations and calming reassurances pull me back and forth abruptly until I am breathless and completely free. In the end, my heart beats steady and true knowing my feet never really did ‘touch the ground’!

So take a listen and let us know how this song makes you feel.  Also check out Zhu‘s remix of Y LUV‘s “All Night”.  You won’t be disappointed!