10 Best Year-End Lists of 2012

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10 Best Year-End Lists of 2012

In the last portion of 2012, we spent a great deal of time surfing the web to find out what our fellow bloggers felt were the best albums, songs and videos of the year. However, what we couldn’t keep from asking ourselves was how do these lists stack up against our own, and more importantly, did our fellow bloggers find something that we missed? While we can’t help but believe that all of our year-end choices are the best there are, we do happen to believe that these bloggers and established publications made some very fantastic selections of their own. So without further adieu, here are the 10 Best Year-End Lists of 2012:

10. Ride The Tempo: Ride The Tempo’s Favourite Canadian Music Videos of 2012
Favourite Canadian Music Videos of 2012 - Ride The Tempo

Now it might already seem like a bit of favouritism towards this website being that they, like us, are Canadians. Rest assured though, while there might be a hint of favouritism in our leniency towards this year-end list, Ride The Tempo truly has made some excellent selections in way of awesome music videos. Featuring mostly quirky, low-budget videos, Ride The Tempo’s year-end list of the best Canadian music videos of 2012 showcases the creativity of the country’s many amazing musical talents and the filmakers that made these videos happen.


Ride The Tempo’s Favourite Canadian Music Videos of 2012


9. I Guess I’m Floating: IGIF’s Songs of 2012

IGIFs Songs of 2012

After the flickering lights of the header image on the frontpage of I Guess I’m Floating catch your eye, you’ll soon be drawn down to the site’s most featured article of the month: their list of the 50 best songs of 2012. Once down there you will notice a wide collection of relatively unknown artists and their mostly un-blogged about singles. Neatly organized and brightly coloured, IGIF’s 50 Best Songs of 2012 is easy to read and most importantly, easy to listen to. In addition to the bright colours of this neatly laid out website, the site has also been kind enough to provide .mp3 links for each of their creatively chosen selections. As a result, we can’t help but be thankful for amazing websites like this that keep our iTunes accounts stocked.


IGIF’s Songs of 2012


8. National Post: The Best of 2012: Our favourite albums of the year, and why we loved them

The Best of 2012- Our favourite albums of the year, and why we loved them - The National Post

The National Post is one of the best Canadian newspapers around and is also a great publication for finding articles involving the arts. When it comes to music, the NP (unlike many other newspapers) have a knack for staying in-touch with what’s hot in the music industry. Looking at their year-end list of the best albums of 2012, you can see that the paper has been able to stay relevant where many other publications fall short. Featuring everyone from Canadian favourites Jason CollettGodseep You! Black Emperor, and Japandroids, to international acts like Alt-J and Nada Surf, it’s safe to say the NP have made some surprisingly excellent selections in spite of their tendency to cater towards readers like my parents — people who would not normally listen to music past the 1980s, let alone artists such as the ones listed.


The Best of 2012: Our favourite albums of the year, and why we loved them


7. Live For The Funk: LFTF’s Remixes of 2012

Songs of the Year Pt.1 - Live For The Funk

Aside from being one of the most aesthetically pleasing websites around, Live For The Funk is also one of the best sites for remixes and monthly mixes from the electronic genre. With a long line of producers having already hit the crates for their monthly mix sessions, we were not surprised to see some of those very producers hitting their list of favourite remixes of 2012. Including names like Ryan HemsworthBondaxCashmere Cat and LOL Boys amongst many others, the site has compiled a dope set of remixes from all areas of the electronic landscape to turn any electronic hater, into an outright believer. Trap, hip-hop, electronic garage or however you will have it, this is the list for you.


LFTF’s Remixes of 2012


6. Gorilla vs. Bear: gorilla vs. bear’s videos of 2012

gorilla vs. bear's videos of 2012- Gorilla vs. Bear

Gorilla vs. Bear is a very eclectic indie music blog. You can see it in the artists they post, and the polaroids from which they take. For years now they have delivered a number of lo-fi and downtempo acts into the music world, and while it’s creator Chris Cantalini has recently taken a bit of time away from the blog itself (working on the site’s weekly radioshow on Sirius/XMU), he has put in the time to handout his favourite music videos of the year. Ranging from M.I.A‘s cinematically impressive Arabian escapades, to Lana Del Rey‘s 10-minute long biker fantasy, Mr. Cantalini covers it all, so with the music or not, it will be hard to take your eye off of these 25 visually-appealing, and mostly eclectic video selections.


gorilla vs. bear’s videos of 2012


5. Pigeons & Planes: The 50 Best Songs of 2012

50 Best Songs of 2012 - Pigeons & Planes

Pigeons and Planes never fails to disappoint us. As bloggers ourselves we always look to other blogs to see what the latest news in the music industry is as well as sometimes jaunt over a list of the best Adele or Ellie Goulding remixes. For this very purpose, we head down to P&P.

In terms of discoveries and raw-natural ability to search through the sh*t, P&P really seem to know what’s up. Having brought us on to names like Ta-Ku and Nicolas Jaar in the past, we weren’t at all surprised by the impressive year-end list the site put together for the “50 Best Songs of 2012.” Featuring names like, TNGHTAlunaGeorge and Purity Ring, we not only agree with many of their selections, but would strong advocate for them. And, just as quickly as the site is growing, so is the speed at which they are churning out great discoveries everyday, so head on over and check them out!


The 50 Best Songs of 2012


4. Turntable Kitchen: Turntable Kitchen’s Top 7″ Vinyl Singles of 2012

Turntable Kitchens Top 7 Singles of 2012

Turntable Kitchen is a place for more than just music; it’s a place for culture, high quality food and most importantly recipes. A site which has grown famous for its monthly “Pairings Box” (a nicely wrapped collection of food recipes and a handpicked musical selection), Turntable Kitchen has built their following on sending subscribers a memorable experience of both food and music.

The main platform to which TK sends their music is through vinyl, so we weren’t at all surprised to see the site pull together a collection of their favourite 7″ singles of 2012. With more artists that you’re likely not to recognize, than those that you are, TK have compiled a list of songs from all levels of notoriety including one of our very own year-end favourites, Typhoon‘s “Common Sentiments.” So awaken those tastebuds and clear those ear drums, because TK have got the list to help you to enjoy the two finer things in life: food and music.


Turntable Kitchen’s Top 7″ Vinyl Singles of 2012


3. NPR: NPR Music’s 50 Favourite Albums Of 2012

NPR Music's 50 Favourite Albums Of 2012 - NPR

Everyone is familiar with NPR. Whether you have listened to the nation radio station for local or world news, weather updates, or music, the station has got a vast array of radio broadcasting covered, but most particularly, the musical end of it. To round the year off, NPR has put together a list of their favourite albums of 2012. In alphabetical order, the list features a wide range of musicians including the Berlin Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony and a slew of independent music acts.

Whereas most bloggers stick to sorting through 50+ albums to round down the year, you get a sense that NPR dedicated hours of time to listen to as many albums as humanly possible to compile this list. While it might seem like an impossible task for small blogs such as our ourselves, it’s not hard to believe that NPR chose only the “best of the best” to compile this list. And, while it might be diverse, it covers all grounds; so whatever your vice, you are sure to find it in this list.


NPR Music’s 50 Favourite Albums Of 2012


2. KEXP: 2012 Top Ten List Spotlight: Iceland Bands2012 Top Ten List Spotlight- Iceland Bands - KEXP

It is quite possibly one of the most prolific radio stations around, and has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in the independent music push — as a radio station, as well as a tastemaker. Having broken new artists in the West Coast and most notably, Iceland, for a number of years now, YouTube sessions and live broadcastings have pushed KEXP’s success to a whole new level in recent years and made them a hub for independent music lovers alike. For this very reason it is easy to see that many of the bands composed within the station’s top 10 Icelandic bands of 2012 has produced some proper selections.

While Sigur Rós and Of Monsters & Men may already ring a bell, names like Moses Hightower and Ásgeir Trausti may soon be household names thanks to the help of the radio station. After passing the torch over to their “Online Content Guy” Jim Beckmann, KEXP has compiled a unique list of almost completely unknown Icelandic musicians that are full of talent and some of which have still yet to be recognized by the Icelandic community themselves. While many of the artists may seem like fresh faces now, if Iceland has proven anything to us in the past, they are not shy of putting out some of the best bands around, and as Jim Beckmann points out, “you’ll never find two bands that sound alike.”


2012 Top Ten List Spotlight: Iceland Bands


1. The Creator’s Project: Best Of 2012: The Most Inventive Music Videos Of The Year

Best Of 2012 - The Most Inventive Music Videos Of The Year - The Creators Project

Since its incpetion back in 2008, the collaboration between Vice and Intel on The Creator’s Project has been a very successful one. When it first began we were surprised to find a number of fashion, design and film articles on breakout artists, but I don’t think we, or many of the other people who are visitors to the site, anticipated the level to which the duo would involve themselves in the music industry — especially as Vice is already home to another small little music project by the name of Noisey.

Much to our surprise, this year alone The Creator’s Project has put out a number of spectacular music videos for artists including The xx and M83. Now, to end the year off right, the subsidiary has put out a fantastic list of “The Most Inventive Music Videos Of The Year.” Including videos from the likes of BjӧrkLiars and Tanlines, the list features some very innovative music videos from all sorts of bands and the creative teams behind them. Whether it’s kaleidoscopic origami or an assortment of vinyls that make up a soundform, the many videos featured on this list are sure to capture your attention whether it be for one reason or more.


Best Of 2012: The Most Inventive Music Videos Of The Year


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