Staff Lists: Best Albums of 2014 (Joseph Madden)

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pinkrenaissance5. Pink Renaissance was one of the year’s most intriguing efforts from the mysterious electro-rock French trio NLF3. In it’s disparate guitar sounds, irregular keyboard melodies and meandering drum patterns – which fall into all kinds of perplexing time signatures – each song managed to deliver it’s own unique backdrop. A truly unique collection.

Flying Lotus - You're Dead!

4. Flying LotusYou’re Dead! was one of the year’s most rare sounding and allbeit, compelling musical outputs; as (it would seem) with any of the producer’s previous endeavors. Revered by many as some sort of musical prophet, ever since Ellison began releasing music, he’s proven a dynamic force for so many to observe and follow.

artworks-000101106615-7dzhnd-t500x5003. A hefty seven years on since the release of Excellent Italian Greyhound, noise-rock mainstays Shellac returned with the forceful Dude Incredible: nine stalwart triumphs to remind us that Albini’s power-trio are still very much in the loop and remain one of rock’s most original and stouthearted acts.

swans2. To Be Kind confirmed that Swans‘ music is still as penetrating and vehement as its ever been, and that Gira remains one of rock’s most intimidating brutes. A two-hour epic replete with the bands infamous raging grooves and monstrous vocal chants… never, have they sounded so perfectly rancid and altogether collected. Hail Swans.


1. And my number one comes from the rather modest four-piece outfit that is OughtMore Than Any Other Day was one of the year’s most rousing indie rock debuts. Eight tracks relying primarily on free-form jams, this debut perfectly evidenced the groups enthralling dynamic ability and writing prowess, and showcased a selection of songs that has all but revitalized the genre.

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