Up & Out: 5 British Singer-Songwriters to Lookout For

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Lil Silva

If you had told us that “one of the UK’s most inventive DJs and producers,” Lil Silva, would be featured on this list a couple of months ago, we probably would have laughed in your face. But if you were to ask us now, we’d indubitably agree. While we would hardly consider Lil Silva a crooner, the Londoner has made an effort of broadening his horizons. With his newest EP, Mabel, Silva has crossed over to the other side of the decks. As a vocalist, Silva has shown massive promise, finding a voice that’s both warm and haunting. Thankfully, though, he hasn’t left his roots behind: If you listen to “Kimmy” or either of Silva’s recent collaborations with BANKS, you will see that his penchant for grimey, post-dub is alive and well.

Matt Pendrill

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