Abby Diamond – “Feel Like Makin’ Love (Live Cover)”

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I first heard Abby Diamond a few months back; she was the featured vocalist on “SingleCell” by the New Orleans-based jazz-rock fusion group Yugen. Diamond‘s voice was definitive and distinguishable, equal parts demure and brazen, even when mixed under all the roiling and kinetic energies found on the collaboration. On Abby Diamond‘s newest release, ripped from a live performance at the Old US Mint in New Orleans, the singer-songwriter tackles one of my all-time favorites: D’Angelo‘s sensuous, smoked-up “Feel Like Makin’ Love.”

Her vocal performance is a feat in and of itself, relinquishing to the soul sensibilities of the original while offering up new and exciting interpretations of the song. Abby Diamond’s backing band, though, is what solidifies my unswerving satisfaction, what keeps me coming back to this cover again and again. With Lucas Bogner on drums, Andrew Yanovski on keys, Sam Ferguson on bass and Dominic Minix on the electric guitar, the band leads Abby Diamond on a simple, serene voyage to undeniable groove. In the coming months, Diamond will be “switching things up,” altering the lineup and adding electronic components to her live sound. Stay tuned for more from Abby Diamond, and in the meantime satiate your hunger with this song. 

Angel E. Fraden

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