Adult Jazz – “Eggshell”

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What's This?

Leeds band Adult Jazz spent nearly four years assembling their debut album Gist Is, which they self-released in 2014. The four-piece art rock group’s newest effort, a seven-track mini-album called Earrings Off!, will see a release on experimental electronic label Tri Angle Records. The record was inspired by an experience singer Harry Burgess had as a 6 year-old. After receiving a golden sticker at school, he and another male friend put the stickers on their earlobes. A woman at the dinner they were at said they “looked like a couple of pretty girls.” “Naturally,” Burgess reflects, “He kicked her in the shins. I mean how dare she? Both her comment, and the resulting response are at the crux of the record.”

The terrifically weird music video for their newest single “Eggshell” is an abstract animated vision that’s captivating yet casually uncomfortable. Earrings Off! is out May 20.

Angel E. Fraden

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