Adult Jazz Repost Track By Mysterious, Weird New Project If Poss

If Poss - Other Life
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What's This?

Leed art rockers Adult Jazz dropped a mini-LP Earrings Off! via experimental electronic imprint Tri Angle, a strange but delightful departure from their excellent full-length debut. Over the past few weeks, they’ve shared some new ideas expanding on this electronic-focused direction.

The band shared the tinny, dissonant track “Anyway” (which could easily be an Earrings outtake), dropped a seriously funky collab with Scottish producer Makeness and, most recently, reposted the debut effort from a mysterious new project called If Poss.

The track, titled “Floor Squeak and Voice,” is essentially those two things–an inconsistently pitched floor squeak and one male vocalist. It sounds as if it was recorded in an indoor gym or basketball court; distant, incoherent voices can be heard toward the end of the two-minute number. If Poss’ anonymous vocals might belong to Adult Jazz frontman Harry Burgess, whose melodies echo those of the band’s Gist Is LP. (Beware!) The song is hashtagged “entertainment” on SoundCloud, so John Legend’s “All Of Me” follows immediately after.

Angel E. Fraden

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