Albon Premieres New EP Dream Weaver // Bee Keeper

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What's This?

Chicago born singer-songwriter Alexander B. Lappin, better known as Albon followed a time-honored tradition of honing his skills in his freezing cold North Chicago home, before taking his talent and finely tuned skills to the Golden Coast. The notes of Chi city still stand out brightly on his brand new record Dream Weaver // Bee Keeper but with all that dreaminess to it, it is obviously heavily steeped in and sun-brewed by the Golden State.

From the very first song of this record, it is clear that Albon is trying to make people feel good. This is a record that is meant to be played on beautiful days spent with friends, and to brighten up those bad times. Listening to it all the way through is like imagining a leisurely trip down the PCH. This is literally a sunny day put to song.

Albon isn’t just making leaps and bounds with his music in this new record, he’s soaring higher than he ever has before. If the goal of music is to make the listener feel a specific feeling Albon has succeeded in spades putting out a record that is as much a joy to listen to as it had to be for him to make. He clearly got in the studio intent on experimenting with sounds that make people happy, and what he came out with was dream-pop classic that will no doubt accompany many summer picnic dates and whimsical drives to nowhere special.