Chrome Pony – Illegal Smiles

Chrome Pony - Illegal Smiles
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What's This?

There is something about bands made-up of siblings that makes them so special. This old fashioned rock-n-roll two piece from Nashville consisting of Tyler Davis (vocals and guitars) and his younger brother Kyle Davis (drums) is no different. These two, originally hailing from a small town in Indiana relocated to Nashville for college and created Chrome Pony.

What I am most fond of with Chrome Pony is how simple it is. Vocals, guitars, and drums. With a lot of the new music I come across it’s almost a game to see how many tracks you can layer to make an epic masterpiece that in the end misses the point of what music is really made up of and that’s music. You can almost sense the Davis brothers felt the same way while writing this album almost a year ago. With Tyler’s lyrics in the last song on the album, “Rock N Roll,” he admits to burning himself out on that ‘old rock-n-roll,’ and you sense that he isn’t tried of the classics, but tired of what is becoming ‘classic rock’ in our musical generation.

When I saw the Davis brothers in town after a gig a few months ago, I jokingly asked them if I could play bass for them. Tyler told me “We hear that after almost ever show. We wanted to keep it simple, just me and Kyle. We could go on tour in a car instead of a van. No band drama bullshit, just good tunes.” And I’d say they’ve done an excellent job at both.

This a great summer album to play while out in the pool or on a late night drive. If you’re tried of being overwhelmed by the music you’ve been hearing with way too much going-on, Chrome Pony is for you. If you’re looking for a drummer who should probably be arrested for the abuse he gives his drums, Chrome Pony is for you. Or, if you really just don’t mind indulging in some grungy garage-rock, then Chrome Pony is most certainly for you!