Lionlimb – Shoo

Lionlimb - Shoo
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I don’t know what kind of music we’d be making if David Bowie hadn’t ever put out records” Lionlimb‘s Stewart Bronaugh initially declared in the wake of Shoo‘s rousing debut single, “Domino.” Decidedly in awe of sounds from the great 1971 glam-rock classic Hunky Dory, the album’s astute, intelligent design certainly pays homage to the late great pop icon, an astir debut from the Angel Olsen consorts, evolving skillfully as any fine album should. 

A reserve of irrepressible piano work and nimble guitar play carved ardently by jubilant sax and trumpet phrasings, said guitar so volatile in the single “Domino” and in the albums arguably most monumental exercises, the all-consuming “Hung” and “Turnstile.” So cunning and triumphant: the rapturous “Blame Time” spurred by an unremitting drum moil. “Wide Bed” is it’s epic, driven by deject guitar and trumpet gloom , altogether divinely baroque. And cue the radiant penultimate number “Just Because”, probably it’s most vivid testimony of piano work central to this albums fruition. A truly potent batch and a sincerely killer debut from Lionlimb, Shoo is out now via Bayonet Records.

Listen to the album in its entirety below.

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