Local Natives – Hummingbird

Local Natives - Hummingbird
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It’s an exciting time for any Local Natives fan at the moment. The announcement of a worldwide tour has given us a lot to look forward too, but more importantly, the release of their sophomore record Hummingbird is quickly approaching, and based on the first few singles we’ve heard, this album is not one to be overlooked.

After the success of their 2009 debut Gorilla Manor, it is clear that the band have set their sights high. This becomes evident right from the start as the singles “You & I” and “Heavy Feet” begin with the onset of mellow vibes and expansive soundscapes. After a bit of wading around, both singles tighten up near the end and breakout into loud and explosive peaks. There is such an array of sounds in these singles, it’s hard not to get lost in their aura.

Another song that has taken these characteristics into account is the fully immersive “Bowery.” A thick mix of gorgeous instrumentation, “Bowery” uses vocal riffs and harmonies, as well as vast climactic choruses to create a strength you were not likely to have found in Gorilla Manor. In fact, part of this single lends itself to the light and airy tones of post-rock, but what is most surprising, is that this is not the only track to do so, rather, it’s very much a summation of the album’s entire sound.

In contrast, the calmer points in this album like “Ceilings” and “Breakers,” prove to be just as powerful as the album’s many standout tracks. With pounding drums, sprawling guitars, and fuller backdrops along the choruses, these singles provide a very euphoric atmosphere. And, with the deep and direct “Columbia” and the chimey glisten of “Wooly Mammoth” to back them, you certainly get a seamless flow throughout.

Having bound themselves to dark yet majestic lyrical and musical content, the band have been lead into great depths with this new record. Despite this, it feels like something is missing from Hummingbird; the tiniest thing you just can’t quite put your finger on. That being said, with all of its high and low points, that shouldn’t detract from taking a full listen of this outstanding new album! Especially when it’s streaming for free on their Soundcloud right now!

Robert Treves

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