Alex G – “Soaker”

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What's This?

As the year is slowly coming to an end every little memory starts piling up in my mind; ranging from trivial to important. A tune that accompanies my current state of pondering is a new and unreleased track, “Soaker” by Philly’s wonderboy Alex G. The G-man maintains his signature knobby sound that fans have grown accustom to over the years, his minimal style short and sweet. The track’s gentle three chords and the rawness of Alex’s voice shines bright through the lo-fi acoustic production. Again, “Soaker” showcases Alex’s amazing songwriting with lyrics like, “I’m like water and you’re like glue/all I ever do is soak through you…” evoking feelings of frustration and creating conflict and shaking the listener’s emotional foundation.

Manuel Lemus

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