Alma Construct – “On The Edge, Surrounded With the Shores of Assudrey”

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This week Indie Current hailed “Honey Cats” from the electronic producer Paul White‘s forthcoming debut album on R&S Records. The independent electronic label is at it again, this time in the form of slow-building, heart palpitating dub grooves courtesy of 19 year-old Jack Thomspon, who releases music under the alias Alma Construct. R&S Records announced the rookie beatmaker as their newest signee earlier this month, and today they released the lead single on his forthcoming EP RS1408, “On The Edge, Surrounded With the Shores of Assudrey.”   

The track augments and expands meticulously over three and a half minutes of roiling, hypertensive beatwork. Vocals drift in and out of focus, blurred and blanketed by several overpowering layers of slithering bass and smooth-sailing synth lines. The pulsating groove sounds like it might sustain itself infinitely, but with a minute and a half to spare the single disassembles and protracts, leaves you feeling utterly dumbstruck in ethereal bliss. Alma Construct‘s debut EP is set to release August 26 and is rumored to be partially inspired by the French 1973 stop-motion film La Planète Sauvage (view the movie in its entirety here).

Angel E. Fraden

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