Annabel (lee)’s Dark Experiments Shine On From This Side

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What's This?

Los Angeles duo Annabel (lee) are back with another stunning, amorphous effort on Youngbloods. The experimental music Sheila Ellis and her husband Richard make synthesizes a peculiar myriad of influences, including jazz, folk and classical styles. On Annabel (lee)’s newest effort, the three-track EP From This Side, embraces noticeably darker themes. Sheila’s poetic verses, sung with the grace and sophistication of a young Eartha Kitt, describe a drunken Edgar Allen Poe (“The Latest News”) and the moments of calm that might come before drowning (“Down In The Mystic”). The airy, ethereal arrangements of From This Side contrast those images, seldom betraying the truth of Sheila’s lyrics. Listen.

Annabel (lee)’s Sheila Ellis on From This Side:

“The conscious, subconscious, the dark and light; their shadows in between, a curious shade of green. Searching for horizons of the unknown. Is it a dreamlike state of euphoria, or a hallucinatory dance with Fear itself? Presumably there are two sides to every story; for some, there are more.”

Email with the subject line “Annabel (lee)” for a chance to win a vinyl copy of the band’s last full-length, The Cleansing.

Angel E. Fraden

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