Antonio Paul – “TRA$H PARTY”

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Antonio Paul - Trash Party

We have been following the highly energetic Australian pop/rock outfit, Antonio Paul, for a good couple of years now, and yet, even after all this time we have still yet to grow tired of the band’s irrevocably catchy teenage rock anthems.

“Trash Party” (fittingly stylized as “TRA$H PARTY”), is the band’s latest shuttering rock adventure. Through the combination of twangy guitar work and quirky vocals, there is a sense of potency in this track; a feeling of completeness as some might say. The straining lyrics and pounding drum work on the chorus serve as a guide for the spaced-out, and undeniable Australian “flavour” of Marc Antonio’s vocals.

Whether you’re a young and innocent teen or not, you are sure to relate to this single — even if it means reliving those reckless party days.