ASTR – “Cannonball”

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What's This?

NYC based duo ASTR released their second EP, Homecoming, on November 2 after a release of several singles and subsequent remixes. The record features several pop bangers, including a cut titled “Cannonball.” “Cannonball” is closely aligned sonically with earlier songs found on ASTR’s debut Varsity EP in some ways but is still disarmingly new in other respects. On “Cannonball” the listener will find pulsating dance beats that make it seem as though summertime is still in full swing, even as darkness falls earlier by the day, making it perfect for wintertime listenings. The duo’s production creates a lush soundscape, an effect that comes across simultaneously as both catchy and seductive. Appearing fourth on the six-track EP, the song is a spin on traditional tropes of pop and love, handled with a type of joyous levity. The track works almost as a musical embodiment of one of its own lyrics, “Midnight drive / Wanna feel your heartbeat.”

Watch the music video for ASTR’s “Activate Me” below.

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