Atlas Genius – "Centred On You (St. Lucia Remix)"

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Atlas Genius - Centred On You (St. Lucia Remix)

Not only does today mark the release of St. Lucia‘s gleaming, sun-soaked EP Elevate, but it also marks the release of his brick-breaking remix of Atlas Genius‘ album standout, “Centred On You.” In the past we’ve seen Grobler take on a dark, synth-pumping persona, but this is something totally different. Like a powerful, all controlling ruler, Grobler has tightly gripped the original and given it a horrible, gruelling punishment. Just look at the final section of this remix: bone-shaking beats, intense synths and slamming drums. If Grobler left any of the original intact, you would be hard-pressed to find it.

Matt Pendrill

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