Atu feat. Sango – "The Duo (Bear//Face Remix)"

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Atu Sango - The Duo (Bear Face Remix)

Recently, I’ve been trying to put my speakers through the ringer, burdening them some very difficult tasks, all in an attempt to test their limits and to see how well they fair. For this sort of experiment, I have been looking to Bear//Face, the young Irish master of bass to aid in my assessment. If you’re not too sure as to why I have turned my attention to this DJ, in-particular, I suggest you first listen to his remixes of Jeremih and James Blake.

Once you’ve finally gotten a grasp on the sort of emotionally moving and heating inducing power of Ciaran McDonald’s music, you can begin to understand why I have chosen his latest remix of Atu and Sango‘s “The Duo” to asses the performance of my aforementioned speakers. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the difference between right and left, nor should it take a genius to figure out why I have chosen this track specifically.

“Power” seems to be a re-occurring theme anytime I write a review of Bear//Face, and this time is no different. Deep, heaving beats are plentiful as usual, as with the smooth enchanting undertones, but one thing that feels distinct to this track is the sheer intensity of it all — just take one look at the soundform. My god, I have never seen such a drastic transition between a verse and chorus in my life! Thankfully for me, this couldn’t be a better time to test out my speakers and see if they can really hold their own against “The Bear.”

Matt Pendrill

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