Atu – "Lately (feat. Asante)"

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Atu - Lately (feat. Asante)

Released on July 17th as a retroactive bonus track to his latest work, Pictures on Silence, Atu‘s “Lately” revives the album with a new, albeit familiar energy.

Under sweeping synth chords, a piano surges forward in the track, all the while water (or maybe a rainstick?) quietly pours in the distance. Thanks to Asante‘s heart-melting vocals, a few simple riffs and dynamic lyrical arrangements help tie everything together neatly and conveniently. The song’s backdrop is deceptively easy to become lost in, and the vocals give it the structure it demands. The song ends in nearly a minute of smooth piano-playing — an eloquent touch that helps bring the song back to a more familiar, grounded territory at its close. Atu consistently brings a new, soulful sound to the table, and collaborations like this keep his work sounding fresh.

He can be found on SoundCloud and Facebook, and his album can be purchased [here].

Adrian Iglesias

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