Brooklyn Duo Bad Pool Premiere Debut Single, An Ode to Trans-Visibility

by Cooper Winterson
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What's This?

Some songs are less anchored to lyrics and literal expressions and more so fixed upon a feeling. On “Ryles,” the debut single by Brooklyn’s brand new guitar duo Bad Pool, that feeling is “devoted to the queer experience and the struggles of living as a visibly trans person.” Lead vocalist Nicole Santamaria–who also played bass and lead guitar on the track–explained the track’s significance to us in her own words: “‘Ryles’ is a song of love and solidarity to anyone sharing that experience.” Paired with rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist Frank Corr, Bad Pool make one helluva duo.  

Bad Pool’s “Ryles” is a genuine, heartfelt rock jam, as groovy and infectious as it is moody and despondent. It’s that uneasy juxtaposition which makes this track impossible to ignore–the way “Ryles” careens gracefully between two contrasting vibes to create one distinct feeling of bittersweetness. Listen.

Angel E. Fraden

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