BANKS – "This Is What It Feels Like (Prod. Lil Silva & Jamie Woon)"

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BANKS - This Is What It Feels Like (Prod. Lil Silva and Jamie Woon)

Very few artists have matured quite as well as BANKS has over the past few months. Admittedly the Los Angeles-based songwriter has had some help along the way (namely Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and SOHN), but that shouldn’t detract from the progress that she herself has made. In her newest single “This Is What It Feels Like,” she sounds just as confident as usual, but feels much more emotive this time around — as if that was even possible. You may remember Lil Silva provided a helping hand to BANKS in the past (see “Work“), but her vocals feel much more at home in this line of work; they bode incredibly well with the dark, suffocating backdrop.

Matt Pendrill

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