Baseball Gregg Talks International Collabs, Movies, Their New Tune “The Movies”

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Baseball Gregg has been kicking around between Stockton, California, and Italy for the past half-decade and their newest song “The Movies” blends the group’s two members’ favorite mediums, music, and movies, to make for a cinematic masterpiece of a song. The intercontinental duo is intending to kick off a tour in the near future and bring their new sound to the widest audience possible between the two member’s home countries.

Indie Current: What sort of influence do movies have on your music, and what about this track do you think really espouses that?

S: Luca and I met at the movie theatre, I used to not watch many movies but recently I’ve been a lot more into watching movies. I’ve always really like scores to films though, I think Ennio Morricone has had an influence on my musical tastes.

L: I fell in love with the cinema when I was about 11 years old, much earlier than music: From the narrative point of view, I’d imagine that the cinema has influenced my way of living and of telling a story, something that somehow translates to the way that I write songs. The film relevant to the song “The Movies” is the Bling Right by Sofia Coppola, we went to see it at the Cineteca in Bologna in 2013

IC: It’s oscar Season right now so what were your favorite films of 2019?

S: I absolutely loved Uncut Gems and Parasite, I just finished The Irishman and I hated it.

L: I still haven’t seen Uncut Gems, but I think that Gerwig will win the Oscar for best picture with Little Women, while for the best international film I think Pedro Almodovar or Parasite. My favorite film from last year is maybe Martin Eden by Pietro Marcello.

IC: How does being an intercontinental band open up your perceptions? What does Sam Bring to the table that is uniquely American, and what is Luca bringing that is uniquely Italian?

S: At this point, it’s really hard for me to tell how much of my approach to music can even be called “American” or “Italian,” I learned about music from the internet which isn’t really geographical, but is probably heavily influenced by American interests. I also do find out about a lot of Italian music from Luca which is cool.

L: I’m proud that I taught Sam the culture of the Bidet, and in Italy Sam imported the dice game “Threes.”

IC: Luca, what are your influences that the American public might not be super up on?

L: Since I was young I’ve mostly listened to English music, only recently have a started listening to some of the classic Italian songwriters like Lucio Dalla, Bruno Martino, and Lucio Battisti; I think that very soon some of the cult Italian songwriters from the 60s and 70s will become popular abroad.

S: My favorite Italian songwriter is hands down Franco Battiato. I hope he is internationally acclaimed very soon.

IC: Sam, what American artists did you show Luca that maybe you were surprised he didn’t know already?

S: I’m not really sure I’ve ever shown Luca an American artist actually. The only bands I can think of having shown Luca would maybe be Kraftwerk and XTC, neither of whom are American.

IC: What artists did the 2 of you come into this already agreeing on and trying to emulate?

S: I’ve always wanted to be Brian Wilson

L: Totally agree with Sam. Brian is a legend and the best example of human available

IC: What is the rest of the album going to be like?

S: It’s really great!

L: We decided to structure the album like a Calendar: In 2019 we published a song a month, creating a “sonic diary” with a new entry at the end of every month. Together with the album – that will be released on vinyl and cassette on Z Tapes – we are creating a book published by la Barberia Records (our Italian label) with a ton of entries from friends and collaborators, following the same principle with which we created the singles and the album, looking to have the most collaborators possible, to leave our comfort zone of DIY and strive for an approach more DIT (doing it together.)

IC: When can we expect Baseball Gregg to hit the road next?

S: We’re going to SXSW in March and booking a little tour from California to Austin right now!

L: In Italy, I’ll present the book and – this summer – We’ll also do an Italian and European tour to present Calendar. The fact that we have two separate bands in Italy and California allows us to play simultaneously in two continents, it’s very comfortable.

IC: What’s in store for the future of Baseball Gregg after releasing the album?

L: We just had a very prolific year in terms of production, recording, and releases; I’d like to concentrate for a while on concerts and try to play as much as possible, both in Europe and in the US, because at the end of the day that’s the most fun part. We went to Iceland for a few days in November to play at a music festival in Reykjavík, and that experience reminded me how beautiful it is to play on a tour with friends.

IC: What does success mean for you guys?

S: I like making music, and I think it’s super great that some other people enjoy the music we make.