Beat Culture – “Shibuya (feat. KID A)”

Beat Culture - Shibuya (feat. KID A)
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What's This?

If my memory serves me correctly, Beat Culture (aka Sunik Kim) is the bedroom whizkid that produced 2012’s notable Bandcamp standout, Tokyo Dreamer, while cooped up within the confines of his parent’s house. Having moved out and travelled abroad, the boy is now more cultural enriched than ever before, so it only seems appropriate that he release a track he made during his time abroad. According to the man himself, “Shibuya” is the product of more than two years work, and “is prob(s) the best thing [he’s] ever done.” Having frequented the producer’s earlier work, I have to agree: the tones are richer, the beats are more natural, and the vocals fall into place with greater ease than those on Tokyo Dreamer. The one thing that does remain the same, however, is Kim’s signature static-y undertones. Whether you were a fan of his previous work, or are just looking for some late-night ambiance, this will be right up your alley.

“Shibuya” will be released alongside “Drifter” on 7″ via B3Sci Records… You know, the same people that put out Jungle‘s supremely groovy EP, The Heat. If you haven’t already, you can checkout “Drifter” [here] and pre-order the 7″ [here].

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