Vancouver Musician Blocktreat Premieres New Song, Announces After Dark

Blocktreat - One Horse Town
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What's This?

The music of Vancouver solo artist Blocktreat (aka Brandon Hoffman) takes a dramatic new progression on his newly premiered single, “One Horse Town.” Gone are the experimental instrumentals and lo-fi beats of his previous discography, replaced with a daring new style that for the first time introduces lyrics and vocals. ”One Horse Town” is an exciting first glimpse of After Dark, Blocktreat’s forthcoming new LP which explores songwriting through synth-pop, indie-electronica and ambient music. The album was recorded by Blocktreat in a small BC cabin over the course of nearly 18 months.

Blocktreat’s After Dark will be released in spring of 2019. Listen to the track, premieres exclusively by IC, below.

Read a statement from Blocktreat’s Brandon Hoffman about the new single:

“This is the song that kind of inspired the making of this record. It was funny to write, because I was super torn up over this complete mess of a love story I had gotten myself into, but also totally excited about this new beat I had just made. Making this track was a way to assess the situation, and try to figure out what to say to this person. In hindsight, it’s hilarious. One second I would be stressing like I was never going to find love again, then I’d stumble upon some little vocal or guitar line, and be like, “oh shit, this song is going to be dope.

This track started with a sample from a kids drum machine that I found and instantly loved. It’s this really phony sounding shimmery jazz-pop thing, but there’s something about it that’s legitimately sweet and sentimental. I started with that sample, and put some kicks and snares over it, then arpeggiated synth lines, and lastly stuff like guitars and vocals, after I worked out the structure. I think the lyrics speak for themselves, but it’s a song about how awkward it can be dating in a small town, when everybody knows everybody, and everybody has already dated everybody else. Tinder is hilarious when you get far enough away from the city. You just know everybody.” – Blocktreat

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