Boy King Islands Shares Wavy New Joint, “Blue In Black”

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What's This?

Zachary Mastoon and Jason Hunt’s collaborative experimental pop project Boy King Islands has been in the works for nearly two decades. The L.A.-based duo’s newest offering fully embraces their integrity for genre-less beatscapes, psychedelic loops and surreal, wayward grooves. The 18-track mixtape was cultivated from outtakes, B-sides and unfinished ideas from their previous three full-length records. We’re excited to premiere an unreleased track from the forthcoming release, Pastels, called “Blue In Black.” Listen to the wavy instrumental cut below. 

The new record is out June 16 via Youngbloods. Here’s a statement from Zachary Mastoon on Pastels:

“Early versions of songs were built on loop pedals, repetitions left largely ambient as a canvas on which other instrumentation and words would emerge. These melancholy progressions were like colors playing through our common walls and echoing in my mind: the yellow of blurry Polaroids coming into focus; chalky figure drawings hidden in portfolios. They were soon exchanged between what became my new home in Brooklyn and the one I’d left behind in Chicago. While some of these skeletons went on to be fully realized, others were forgotten, shielding their own unique story of a time.”

Angel E. Fraden

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