Boys Age – "Calm Time"

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What's This?

Kaz Mutoh, in my opinion, is one of the most colorful and unusual musicians out there. The Japan based musician records with Takamasa “John” Kobayashi under the moniker Boys Age, and for years they”ve been churning out music, release after release, each one stranger and more intriguing than the last. His home recording techniques and vibrant pop songs make him the casino modern R. Stevie Moore, a comparison I strongly stand by. The two made songs about each other, so it”s only fitting.

Boys Age released a new single titled “Calm Time” from his upcoming release Calm Time, and it”s a hell of a relaxing tune. The slacker downtempo beat is set against trippy guitars and those melancholy vocals lend another layer of smoothness. Music too good for the charts, it”s Boys Age at its finest.

Manuel Lemus

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