BRNS – "Mexico"

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BRNS - Mexico

On a weekly basis, we receive submissions from fans about as frequently as we receive submissions from bands in Belgium. So, it was a little surprising when only a day ago we were reached out to by one of our fans who — ironically enough — had a suggestion of a Belgian band for us. That band? BRNS.

Taking each suggestion as seriously as we take our PR submissions, we decided to give the Belgian’s a chance, and after listening to their seemingly short 4-minute single “Mexico,” we were more than glad to have given them the light of day!

At first glance a title like “Mexico” may have you labelling this young 4-piece as a quiet, clean, and tidy group that wrote a song about their summer adventure, but having given this single only a few short listens, I can confidently tell you that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Shrouded in a string of high tension guitars, a loud abrasive chorus, and a technically incorporated set of tambourines and cowbells, this surprisingly controlled mess of instruments work well in BRNS‘ favour by providing them with a very approachable experimental-punk sound. In addition, their heavy approach flows well with the tactful drum patterns and bright keys found lining the verses, thus helping juxtapose the mostly raw and gritty substance found within the chorus.

So, despite how humbling Belgian’s are known to be, I wouldn’t get too close to this single or else you may find yourself short of hearing once the soft whispers disperse and the climatic chorus pushes through.

Matt Pendrill

Editor-in-Chief | View all post →