Brooklyn Solo Artist Husks Releases Design Me EP

Photo Courtesy of Husks
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What's This?

The year 2017 was a turbulent one for Brooklyn-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Connor Small. His band Youth Culture hit a wall and with the dissolution of his musical project came the dissolution of his relationship. Through all the pain Small found solace binge watching horror movies on Netflix. It was in his screen-induced stupor that he found inspiration to channel the feelings from his personal tragedy into his solo artistic outlet, Husks.

“After the breakup of my band, Youth Culture, and the ending of a turbulent relationship, I decided to take a break from music. I couldn’t even pick up an instrument for months. I went down a really deep hole of binge-watching horror movies on Netflix and feeling sorry for myself. What brought me out of it was listening to the scores from those films,” said Small.

His new EP Design Me was released June 22 and is the product of that horror film fascination, with Small attempting to use the sounds he equated with horror movies to illustrate his feelings of fear, sadness, and loneliness that he was experiencing since his relationship fell apart.

“I began to seek out music that incorporated the ‘horror’ aspect of music. I couldn’t find much that was in keeping with the modern, electronic/ambient sounds so I began making it for myself. Eventually, this EP grew from that. It is the sound of me working through all of that loneliness and giving it a place to live. Hopefully, it gives other people going through the same emotions a place to channel that, and helps them get through their day and feel less alone,” said Small.

Listen to Husks’ Design Me EP below.