Carmen Villain – “Quietly”

Carmen Villain - Quietly
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What's This?

Some songs are admired for their forthright intensity, their aggressive ability to seize intrigue with bombast and verve, gimmicky or otherwise. And some tracks that do the exact opposite. Carmen Villain‘s newly released single “Quietly” sides with melodic discretion and slow-churning hypnotics to entrance unsuspecting ears. It’s a seriously heady and immersive piece of music (written, produced and recorded exclusively by Villain) that sets it’s aims low, but succeeds unfalteringly at everything it aspires to–somehow like an unending stretch of highway, the air refracting in strange curlicues along the horizon, whose sole purpose is to deliver you from Point A to Point B. “Quietly” leaves you feeling as if you’ve just returned from somewhere sublime. The almost entirely instrumental B-side to the 7″ single, out now via Smalltown Supersound, is an unstrung reel of ethereal droning and other space oddities. Stream both tracks below.

Angel E. Fraden

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