Caspian – “Hymn For The Greatest Generation”

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Caspian - (Hymn for) the Greatest Generation 1

No genre in music pulls at your heartstrings quite like post-rock. It’s a genre rife with emotion; there are ups and there are downs, and any accomplished post-rock band will know this. Many bands (like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai) are known to take advantage of these distinctive qualities and use them for the greater good. They are able to take us away — away from it all, on a seemingly endless journey. They are able to build us up and bring us down all in an instance. It’s a real roller coaster ride, but a worth while one at that.

What we have typically found when listening to Caspian, though, is that they don’t follow these stringent guidelines. Waking Season — the band’s third full-length — was a rousing, and for the most part, intense masterpiece. It was full of darkness and turmoil, and in the end, it exempt them from any comparisons to their counterparts. As a result, it proved to be a real eye-opener for post-rock fans everywhere. Not because they stuck to a blueprint, but because they tore the blueprint apart. With Waking Season, all of the clichés were thrown out of the window — and that’s exactly why we loved it.

For the band’s new single “(Hymn For) The Greatest Generation),” the group haven’t reverted back to their old ways. Instead, they have taken a more calming route this time around. While it’s still distinctly Caspian, it feels more at ease than their previous releases. Of course, this all makes sense, seeing as the band lost their dearly-beloved bassist Chris Friedrich back in August. Understandably, the band were devastated at the time (and I don’t imagine they’re any more at peace with what happened), but “(Hymn For) The Greatest Generation” certainly feels like they’ve come to terms with the situation. While it’s hard to say what the intended goal of this new song is, it seems to be an homage to Mr. Friedrich. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better way to pay your respects to a long-lost friend than with a glowing song like this:

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