Catchy Hooks And Familiar Sounds Litter Glom’s Debut LP

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What's This?

New York-based 5-piece Glom isn’t reinventing the wheel with their infectious tunes. In reality, they are really just rehashing an old genre, but that’s what makes their debut LP Bond so toe-tappingly contagious. It’s easy to love the music because it plays like something you already know.

It’s the guitars and vocal harmonies at the forefront of this smooth alt-rock record as Sean Christian’s and Peter Warren’s riffs and voices blend seamlessly with one another. Bond is really just a really fun ode to 90’s alt-rock from the perspective of a couple of kids living in Brooklyn in 2019. It’s the kind of music that you hear and it makes you happy to be listening to it.

The four-singles that Glom dropped ahead of the record are absolutely stellar. The record’s first song “Tell Me Who to Be” is the kind of song you can listen to a hundred times over and never get bored, while track 3 “My Red Spine” has an unforgettable guitar riff that’ll have you walking down the street whistling to it without noticing. Rounded out by “Stuck” and “4:1” Glom clearly knew what they were doing when they released 4 completely addictive tracks ahead of their record that would make it all but impossible to not invest in the rest of the record.

Bond really pays respects to Glom’s influences without being straight-up derivative and the mix of influences really allows the band’s creativity to shine through. All together Glom’s debut LP is a strong first outing showing off some heavy rock appeal while maintaining pop sensibilities that make the record exemplary for a band’s maiden journey.