Chameo – "Phoenix"

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What's This?

House music has come a long way since the early 1980’s when the first dance club djs in Chicago started spinning it. Over the years, house music has taken on many different forms and as technology continues to improve, music is being released more rapidly everyday. House music is more popular today than ever before and standing out is increasingly difficult. Adding star studded vocals and releasing songs appealing to the masses is becoming the norm, resulting in a market full of songs sounding exactly the same.

Enter Chameo! Having already given us the highly creative track “Hey” earlier this year, the 22 year old producer/DJ from Denmark is trying to break this repetitive mold with his latest single. “Phoenix” has old school house written all over it from the prominent kick drum intro/outro to the heavy synthesized drum beats and effects. The melody of the song is carried electronically throughout and doesn’t rely on a reverb vocal or a vocal sample to carry the tune. The simplified result of combining these elements of classic house with the rise and drop of a modern house tune, is refreshing to any true house music fan.

During a recent conversation I had with Chameo, he emphasized wanting to make music that continues to raise the bar in terms of creativity and quality. If songs like “Hey” and “Phoenix” are any indication, Chameo is well on his way!

Check out 5 random Chameo facts about “Phoenix”:

1) The main riff for “Phoenix” came from experimenting with sounds on the piano.

2) “Phoenix” is one of many tunes being worked on at the same time!

3) “Phoenix” took less than 2 weeks to create.

4) Personally created the art work for the new single “Phoenix” himself.

5) “Phoenix” is being offered as a free download.