Charles Murdoch – "Dekire (feat. Oscar Key Sung)"

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Charles Murdoch - Dekire (feat. Oscar Key Sung)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece entitled “5 Artists That Sound Like Jai Paul.” In that post, I included 5 emerging musical acts that I felt were slowly but surely redefining a genre. Second from the top I placed Melbourne’s sensual, genre-blending curator, Oscar Key Sung — not only because he had a striking resemblance to Mr. Paul, but because his music was of equal calibre. His rich and distinct vocals instantly struck me as beautiful; the way they trickle down his music is truly exquisite. Thus, it only seems fitting that Key Sung let his vocals do the talking in his most recent collaboration with fellow statesman, Charles Murdoch.

Thanks to Murdoch — who leads the production side of things — Key Sung is given a masterfully crafted platform to work with, and he doesn’t let it go to waste. By eloquently laying his vocals atop the beat, he does this track wonders. Although his vocals are hard to make out at times, they help give this song a sense of fluidity, and more importantly, depth. After all is said and done, the results are stunning! Contagious, immersive, and totally marvellous — this song brings meaning to the word “bliss.”

Matt Pendrill

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