Chet Porter – “Tbh Ily”

Chet Porter - Tbh Ily
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What's This?

In the digital age, sometimes we forget that our words have a greater meaning than they appear on screen. Since emoticons and abbreviations became an important part of our digital vocabulary, people have a habit of conveying their feelings in as few words as possible. Following this trend, Chet Porter has named his latest single “Tbh Ily,” an abbreviation for “to be honest I love you.”

Unlike a text message, though, there is no confusion or mixed signals being sent in this song. As it’s artwork might suggest, “Tbh Ily” feels like a magical walk through the rainforest. Bordering on a lullaby, it sees Porter combine his playful trap beats with a dreamy sonic backdrop, giving it a very serene, almost romantic quality; in other words, it’s perfect listening for your Valentine’s Day.

Matt Pendrill

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