Citrus City Reissue Yung Pocket$ & Alfred.’s So Sensitive Mixtape

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Richmond, Virginia rapper Alfred. and fellow RVA producer Yung Pocket$ released their very dope collaborative mixtape, So Sensitive, last summer. Equal parts experimental hip-hop and progressive R&B, the thirteen-track release features a number of other local artists like Princess Sappho, Shy Lennox, HEJA RAMES, Marissa Moody, and Yogamuffin. The mixtape’s production pays homage to D’Angelo and R&B girl group 702 on tracks “Playaz Numbah One” and “Churchfeet!”, flipping their respective melodies and lyrics to craft new, nearly unrecognizable beats. But despite a few nods to the past, Yung Pocket$ and Alfred.’s So Sensitive mixtape is a truly fresh piece of music.

Richmond tape label Citrus City Records have reissued the mixtape on cassette for you to enjoy this summer. Cop it for 8 bucks here, and listen to So Sensitive below.

Read a statement from Alfred. about So Sensitive:

We initially started by going through the endless collection of sounds, beats and loops that Matt (Yung Pocket$) was working on for months—perhaps even years—prior to our meeting. At that point, we agreed that we wanted to make a project shaped around our own styles and aesthetic sensibilities while simultaneously incorporating many of our friends’ unique, artistic fingerprints.

We found common ground in the music we enjoyed personally as well as in the music we intended to make. There were moments in our creative process in which we would bounce adjectives off of each other, attempting to characterize the sound we wanted our project to have. These ranged from textures, sounds, colors and even personality traits or reactions.

At the time, Matt’s production style was one that I was not accustomed to working with and I was intrigued by how his music could be both foreboding and sassy at the same time. I really love putting themes to my work and even if there is not a solidified concept of what is going on, I love to make bodies of work that feel like there is a journey involved—whether it be a visual or emotional journey. As a writer, I feel like I tend to be hyperbolic, especially with how I choose to use my voice or phrase my experiences.

Read a statement from Yung Pocket$ about So Sensitive:

I wanted the production to feature many different styles, centered around a mixture of sampling and original composition. I think that the sonic variety of So Sensitive also helped to accommodate and accentuate our friends’ many different voices.

I know that Aaron and I are both very proud of what ultimately became of the project and all of our hard work. I also know, however, that we each have a desire to grow and I think we have the potential to do so. I look forward to continuing to change and evolve as an artist whether it be working with Aaron or in proximity to them.

Angel E. Fraden

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