Crumb’s Instant Classic “Locket” Is Our Favorite Music Video Right Now

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Over the past few months Crumb‘s inventive and boundless psychedelic slacker-rock has had us jonesing. They’re definitely one of our favorite guitar bands. Crumb shared their most recent EP, Locket, last summer. They’ve opened up for the likes of (Sandy) Alex G and are currently touring with Brooklyn-based Columbian psych-rock band Combo Chimbita. The new music video for the title track of Crumb’s most recent EP comes from Haoyan of America, who directs and produces the stunning five-minute montage.

It’s a trippy, acid-tastic music video done with remarkable care and exceptional attention to detail–the sort of thing you can watch a dozen times and spot something new on each viewing. Between disorienting shots from a 360-degree fish eye camera are gorgeous visual abstractions, usually centered around the silhouetted profile of Crumb frontwoman Lila Ramani. It brings new life to this fiery prog rock pop jam.

Catch Crumb with Combo Chimbita and Caleb Giles at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere on April 4. Listen to the Locket EP and check out more Crumb tour dates below.

Crumb Tour

Angel E. Fraden

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