Dornik – “Drive (BADBADNOTGOOD Remix)”

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It’s been a good two years since the London singer-songwriter/producer/musician Dornik unveiled the R&B soaked chillwave pop number “Something About.” In the time since this first official offering his musical sensibility has expanded, matured. His electronic savvy extends the retro-esque funk and soul instrumentals to spacier dimensions, a kind of dressed down version of Nile Rodgers’ disco ensemble Chic adorned with Parliament’s flair for searing psychedelia. His voice, though, bears the influence of a much more prolific source, the feathery but unquestionably striking coo of Michael Jackson. It’s made clear on one of his newest cuts, “Drive,” where Dornik clears his throat and lilts wordless melodies in dramatic fits–a clear but respectful nod to one of the greatest pop icons of all time. 

But where Dornik‘s original saunters and sizzles as a three-drink-buzz, BADBADNOTGOOD‘s remix of “Drive” is a heavy trip of unfettered, psychedelic soul, hits that corner pocket of groove that regards over intuition and feeling over calculated precision and unblemished production. Dornik’s vocals are deliberately roughed up, the mix tampered with to achieve that crackling vinyl fuzz. The result is simply magical, expansive, like Dorothy witnessing her sepia-toned reality transform into a brilliant technicolor dream.

Stream “Stand In Your Line,” another recently debuted single from Dornik’s forthcoming LP, below.

Angel E. Fraden

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