Bombay Bicycle Club – "Carry Me"

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Download: Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me

Indie-rock heavyweights Bombay Bicycle Club haven’t released a new piece of material in over two years. The last time the band made an outing was with their third album A Different Kind of Fix, or — as I like to call it — their “recovery” album. Although I haven’t had anything to dip into for a while now, I have been able to tide myself over by attending a countless number of their concerts these past couple of years. In fact, it was there at their show in Toronto that I got my first glimpse of the new and improved Bombay Bicycle Club.

Though my memory is slightly hazy, I have been able to draw up some memories of the last time I attended one of Bombay‘s shows. As I recall, the band performed a number of new songs while touring through North America last year, and if my memory serves me correctly, one of those dazzling tunes was a real gem. To shed some truth on this vague recollection, the band have premiered a new song on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. And as I expected, it totally lives up to my expectations. Entitled “Carry Me,” this new joint makes for a very imposing album opener as it proudly brandishes the band’s festival-ready sound. Though it feels much more electronically-charged than their previous material, it’s sure to send hands (and bodies) flying into the air at their upcoming sets.

For those of you with a dollar at your disposal, you can download “Carry Me” off of iTunes [here]. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to stream the song through SoundCloud YouTube below:

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