The 1975 – "You"

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Download: The 1975 - You

This year we’ve had many upcoming band’s strut their stuff for us with the hopes of becoming the “next thing to blow” in 2013, but unlike many of the other band’s that are taking the innovative mentality to make it big, one band is sticking to the basics and coming out on-top.

The 1975, a band we featured a couple weeks ago, has that youthful new-wave punk appeal about them, and their infectious passion exudes through each of their singles, including their latest, “You.” Settled down from their two previously featured singles “Sex” and “The City,” the band’s blossoming sound delves into a serious-side of the heart-break  tale and touches on the stupid games played during the post-relationship phase.

Truthful, serious and raw, it’s easy to see that this issue hits close to home with these boys; it’s just a good thing they are able to express it so-well in their music.

Matt Pendrill

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